Comfort, style, and glorious colors from sea to shining sea – that’s the beauty of Americana. This classic cut pile carpet offers a silky smooth surface with a touch of texture for visual interest. Eighty colors celebrate American beauty in four regional palettes: Desert Plains, Mountain Range, Coastal, and Urban Landscape. Made of 100% EnVision® BCF Nylon, Americana creates a view worth coming home to.

(1 Square yard = 36″ x 36″)

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  • Style: Americana-9439
  • Color: Monterey
  • Fiber Type: 100% EnVision® BCF Nylon
  • Construction Type: Cut Pile
  • Carpet Width: 12 ft
  • Dye Method: Beck Dyed
  • Backing: Action Bac
  • Stain and Soil Warranty: EnVision® Lifetime Stain and Soil Resistance Limited Warranty
  • Texture Warranty: EnVision® 20 Year Texture Retention Limited Warranty
  • Abrasive Wear Warranty: EnVision® 20 Year Abrasive Wear Limited Warranty
  • Anti Static Warranty: EnVision® Lifetime Anti-Static Limited Warranty
  • Mftrng Defects Warranty: 2 Year Warranty
  • Country of Origin: USA

Collection: Masland

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Adirondack, Adobe, Amaretto, Angel, Appalachia, Architecture, Aspen, Bajada, Beach Pebble, Bighorn, Biscayne Bay, Blue Ridge, Breckenridge, Burro, Butte, Canyon, Captiva, Cascades, Charcoal, Chuparosa, Cliffrose, Coati, Coyote, Crimson Sunset, Culture, Daytona, Desert Paintbrush, Ecru, Elk, Emerald Sea, Foam, Garden, Glacier, Graffiti, Hampton, Landmark, Landscape, Largo, Light House, Mesa, Metropolis, Monument, Monterey, Mt. St. Helens, Mural, Museum, Neighborhood, Newport, Opera, Otter, Ozark, Padre Island, Park, Pearl Blush, Pier, Pike's Peak, Plateau, Playa, Playground, Portsmouth, River Rock, Royal Gorge, Rural, Sand, Sanibel, Scallop, Scenery, Seaweed, Skyline, Snow Cap, Sonora, Spruce, Stormy Sky, Stream Bed, Tahoe, Teton, Topaz, Townsquare, Traffic, Yukon


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